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  We're a locally owned home brew shop in Boulder, Colorado. Open 7 days a week!
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  We're here to help you brew the best beer, mead, braggot, sake, kombucha, jun, water and milk kefir, kvass, ginger beer, gluten free beers, and anything else you can come up with! We also have ingredients for cheese making, wine making, kraut, pickling, and other fermented foods. Call or email us if you need help putting together a recipe, or with any questions! Stay connected here and on our social media pages for updates on classes and events!

We are the exclusive homebrew distributor of Colorado Malting Company products! This includes rare malts from a variety of gluten free grains. These malts are processed near other grains, so they may not be completely gluten free after processing. We have had a very positive response from our customers, and have enjoyed the beers we've made with these unique ingredients.

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Buy Colorado Malting Company Malted Gluten Free Grains
Colorado Malted Buckwheat
Malted Red Millet
Malted White Millet
Malted Red MILO
Malted Sunflower Seeds
Munich Buckwheat Malt
Vienna Buckwheat Malt
Chocolate Buckwheat Malt
Red Millet Colo-Pils Dextrin Malt
Red Millet Colo-Foam Dextrin Malt
Buckwheat Dextrin Malt
Unmalted Raw Roasted Millet
Unmalted Raw Roasted Buckwheat
Chateau Abbey Buckwheat Malt
Chateau Abbey Millet Malt
Crystal Red Millet Malt 60 L
Crystal Red Millet Malt 20 L
Crystal Buckwheat Malt 80 L
Crystal Buckwheat Malt 20 L

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